About book promotion

Authors may submit up to as many book titles as possible.
We run monthly bespoke email and/or social media campaigns on behalf of our authors. Social media and email advertising will go live within 5 working days of submission. With social media ads, we target up 75,000 user accounts every month. We use industry tested strategies to achieve maximum engagement for every ad campaign. 
Gold Subscribers are eligible to post blogs on our website. This will allow the subscribers to use links that redirect to pages where their books can be purchased. We assume that you own the copyright for the book(s) that you have submitted. So with that in mind, we will treat your work in accordance to copyright law.

eBooks (digital books) that are listed on Amazon as part of KDP (Kindle Direct publishing) can ONLY be promoted with official Amazon links (URLs). KDP eBooks with links that do not redirect back to the Amazon website will NOT be accepted. Please see Amazon’s Promotion policy.

Terms of service
We reserve the right to withdraw our services if your book(s) contains offensive content, breaches any of our policies and that of Amazon’s. We will continuously review our products and services. This may sometimes result in making amendments to the products and services that we provide. We will contact you in advance if we decide to implement such changes. 
If for whatever reason you decide you no longer need our services, you can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalties.