About Publishing deal

After a manuscript has been sent to us, we will read through it and make a decision within 1 to 3 weeks of the submission. If we think the work has a chance to be successful in the market place,  a digital copy of the contract will be sent to the author after completing the publishing deal form on our website.

Once signed, the contract will cover only one book per deal. In the case where a book is part of a series, a new contract will be drawn up for subsequent title(s). The author reserves the right to set the book price, but it is important to bear in mind that book prices can sometimes determine sale numbers. We are happy to give advice on the matter of pricing.

All royalties (overall profit after printing and shipping costs where appropriate) will go to the author. The contract is not binding and can be withdrawn by the author at anytime. Once the publishing fee has been paid by the author, the payment will be subject to a full refund only within the first 14 days in which the payment was made. It is the author's responsibility to read through the contracts and terms of service before signing the contract.

We will endevour to do everything that we can to get the author's book as much exposure as possible by utilising every means of advertising that we have at our disposal. However, it must be stressed that the success of a book depends on a variety of circumstances. With that in mind, we cannot guarantee specific sale figures.  

Submission & Promotion

Upon submission of the author's manuscript, the manuscript will go through the following phases

  • Phase 1 Proofreading
  • Phase 1 Editing
  • Phase 2 Proofreading
  • Phase 2 Editing
  • Final Checks 
  • Formatting
  • Book Cover Design

Before, during and after the author's book gets published, the author will be entitled to free advice & consultation. We will work with the author every step of the way to make the journey an exciting one. Upon completion, We will primarily publish the book for sale on the ConsumeAbook® website. We will utilise third-party print-houses for the printing, fulfilment and distribution of the author's book. In order to reach wider audiences, we may sell the author's book on other platforms such as Amazon, unless it is stated explicitly by the author not to do so. The author's book is entitled to free social media promotion and at least one in-house review for the duration of the the author's contract with ConsumeAbook®. We will endeavour to contact third party book reviewers and utilise their services to the best of our ability. Once published, the author's book will be listed in the 'Featured books' section on our website. We will send 12 tweets and 12 posts daily to our Twitter and Instagram feeds. The author's Instagram posts and tweets will serve as the book promo and will go live once the author's book has been listed on our website. We will also implement other Instagram and Twitter campaigns to make sure that we get the book in front of the right audiences. We will use the following hash-tags: #consumeabook; #author's-social media-username; and #author's-book-title as well as other hashtags that we feel are relevant. 

Full transparency is important to us, so we will provide monthly sales stats and analytics in order to provide the author with a view of how their book is performing in the market place.

We assume that the author owns the copyright for the book that has been submitted. With that in mind, we will treat the work in accordance to copyright law. 
eBooks (digital books) that are listed on Amazon as part of KDP (Kindle Direct publishing) can NOT be sold on our website. However, an author's KDP eBooks can be promoted on our website using links that redirect back to the Amazon website. Please see the Amazon KDP terms & conditions page for more information. eBooks that aren't sold on Amazon can be sold directly from our website.
Terms of service
We reserve the right to withdraw our services if the author's book contains highly offensive material; material the opposes the freedom and/or safety of people from any culture or background; material that breaches any of our policies and that of Amazon’s or any other print, publishing and distributors that we partner with. We will continuously review our products and services. This may sometimes result in making amendments to products and services that we provide. We will contact the author in advance if we decide to implement such changes. If for any reason, the author chooses that our services are not right for them, the author reserves the right to withdraw from all contractual obligation at anytime with no penalties.